Jesus the Sun God

The evidence will be presented here to suggest that Jesus Christ is the mythical Sun God.

Evidence: The Origin Of The Name Jesus.

The Bible Was Written In Greek

The Name Jesus Is An English Translation Of The Greek Word

Jesus-the Greek Sun God

Can Jesus Be Identified As The Greek Sun God?

In Greek Each Letter Had A Numerical Value

The Greek Sun God Is Identified In Greek Mythology By The Number 888

Each Letter In Greek Has A Numerical Value So It Is Easy To See If The Name Jesus Fulfills This Value As The Sun God.

The Name Jesus In Greek

Here Is The Name Jesus Written In Greek And Its Numerical Equivalent

Bill Donahue - Jesus The Sun God


By Bill Donahue


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2 Responses to Jesus the Sun God

  1. Landlooper says:

    Children of the Sun ( tribe )

    Annihilated by ( who else )

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