The Eternal Rituals

The foundation of society is ritual magic.
The purpose of these magical rituals is to cast a spell on the members of society, who participate in the ceremonies since childhood.
By constantly performing the rituals, sorcerers condition the members of society through repetition and bind their emotions to magical symbols.
When emotions supersede reason, they become the driving force behind action; those who modulate and control the emotions of others, control society.

By Francisco Danconia


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4 Responses to The Eternal Rituals

  1. Avia says:

    There are two reasons why people are afraid to step away from the crowd – one is because anthropologically, the loner doesn’t get protected by the tribe – and the second is that the loner was used as a scape-goat to show the others just how punished you will be if you step away. To fall in line, to dress in the uniform, to jump when you’re told to jump, to act out the eternal ritual with the group, is to be approved of, praised, rewarded, and that is a trick to make you feel loved – by the parent, the teacher, the police, the military, the president, and the priest. The only way to break this is for the loners to become the majority, but then a leader of the loners will emerge, to write the rules, to dictate the terms, to dish out the approval. “United we stand, divided we fall” because there is always an enemy to be afraid of. Now, with all the enemies exposed to be other humans just like us, they have designed some new ones – the ‘terrorist’, unknown, unseen, unidentifiable, who will attack within what people think is the safe zone, inside the group territory. The alien, unknown, unseen, unidentifiable, that may attack. Or the demon, unknown, unseen, unidentifiable, that may steal your soul. There is always an enemy, inside and outside the ‘safe zone’. There is no safe zone, except if you are not afraid to die – but then the threat is are you worthy of heaven, or will you go to hell and be punished by a vengeful god. It is up to every one of us to debunk these enemies, one by one. Quite a task, eh?

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