Ultima Cena

In Novissima Cena

By Leonardo da Vinci (1452–1519)


Mirrored: 123

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5 Responses to Ultima Cena

  1. Avia says:

    All sorts of random shapes take on a ‘face’ appearance when mirrored because it is something that we intuitively recognise, for a reason, I think. The human face is assymetrical but when each side is mirrored it shows a different face. In contrast, the Egyptian pharaoh statues are perfectly symmetrical. The Mars ‘face’ exposed both a man and a lion when each half is mirrored. I am not sure if da Vinci intended this symmetrical image to be revealed, but it demonstrates this phenomena. Interesting, though.

  2. Landlooper says:

    Apologies for my late response, been away from the internet a couple of days…
    Very interesting thought, concerning the symmetrical coincidences.
    You are aware of the intimate ties between Leonardo and the ‘de Medici’ family?


    More on the both

    • Avia says:

      Yes, I watched an excellent long documentary on the Medici. Symbolism and patterns and hidden mysteries seem to be intriguing all of us at this time – like it is time for something to be revealed, something that was hidden on purpose for this time, and we are becoming aware of the fact. We are watching and waiting.

      • Landlooper says:

        “like it is time for something to be revealed, something that was hidden on purpose for this time”

        I personally think they did not hide this to ever be revealed to the public, most likely the position of the planets enable us to see what we could not see before. Interesting times though!

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