Ascent of the Blessed

Ascent of the Blessed

By Jheronimus Bosch – van Aken ( c. 1450 – 1516 )


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55 Responses to Ascent of the Blessed

  1. tjen says:

    Accessing the Reptilian Draconian ET Mindset

    The Draconian NWO Reptilian Matrix Consciousness & Galactic History

    Oc-to-gonnnnn. Church Of The Ascension. Op de 33°p………

    (Locatie Google Maps)


  2. tjen says:

    ‘Tunnel of Light’……..High-tech matrix? (min 29:40)

    Doc THE PHASE. Who stunted human development?

  3. tjen says:

    Een beetje ‘Tunnel van Licht’ verdient misschien wel meer aandacht dan er doorgaans aan wordt besteed. Is het een soort psychologisch implantaat dat in het onderbewuste wordt geprent, met bepaalde bedoelingen? Een soort hynotische suggestie? Hmmmmmm, interessante vraag. Nefertitie-prijzen winnende onderzoekers plaatsen er alvast geen vraagtekens bij, noch promoten ze verder onderzoek ernaar……….

    Zou het licht op het eind van de tunnel……..mogelijk van een aanstormende trein kunnen zijn?

  4. tjen says:

    De locatie van Palazzo Ducale………

    … Phenetie…….


    ……waar Tunnel van Zwaar Licht van kapoentje Jeroentje, onder anderen te bezichtigen zijn. Nette buurt.

  5. tjen says:

    ‘Tunnel of Light’ (min 14:30)

  6. tjen says:

    The Secret Hidden from Mankind : Mind Science Kept Hidden, Documentary

    ‘The reason they are so powerful is because they took away this power from us’ (min 0:05:00)

  7. tjen says:

    Michael Raduga/Free E-Book

    ‘’I believe that everybody is going to exist in two worlds soon.’’

    ‘’The practice of phase states of the mind is the hottest
    and most promising pursuit of the modern age. Unlike in the
    past, the notions of “out-of-body experience” and “astral
    projection” have already lost their mystical halo, and their
    real basis has been studied in minute detail from the most
    non-nonsense approach. Now, this phenomenon is accessible
    to everyone, regardless of their worldview. It is now known
    how to easily master it and apply it effectively.

    This guidebook is the result of ten years of extremely
    active personal practice and study of the out-of-body
    phenomenon (the phase), coupled with having successfully
    taught it to thousands of people. I know all of the obstacles
    and problems that are usually run into when getting to know
    this phenomenon, and have tried to protect future
    practitioners from them in this book.’’…..

  8. tjen says:

    Grid of the Gods – Joseph P Farrell p3

    ….‘there is a lot of research in the connection between consciousness and the physical medium but most of it is classified…’ min 43:00,

  9. tjen says:

    How To Get OBEs, Entities, The Prison Planet and The Matrix Understood

    A mind control realm, high tech in the astral plane, a mass disaster, min 15:00

    Awareness and manipulation, ‘we are be played with’, ‘go to the light’? min 21:00

    Are you awake while you are asleep? min 34:00

    What people see during OBE, encounters with beings trying to keep us ignorant, angels, places to learn and why to reincarnate, min 38:00

    The OBE and the fear, religious stories, min 41:00

  10. tjen says:

    The prison planet and how to get out alive…….

    Karma, Karmic Debt, Breaking Re-incarnation Cycle

    Past lives, reincarnation, karma and how to release karma,

    Definition of karma, dogma’s and religion, cause and effect, min 01:00

    How to end up in this physical plane, min 05:00

    Are we tricked or are we forced to come back here, this is a big subject, min 07:00

    What are the dynamics involved in karma, min 10:00

    Past life regression, min 13:00

    Code of conduct in the physical reality, min 20:00

    Intentions, self judgement and afterlife, enforced code of conduct, min 25:00

    Beliefsystems and code of conduct, min 29:00

    The effects of it in next lives, the power of beliefsystems, trauma and judgements, min 40:00

  11. tjen says:

    Anunnaki are They Reptilians or Giant Humans Or Both? – Clearing The Confusion

    Reptilian, annunaki and greys, Anu the king, min 01:00

    The interbreeding between reptilians and annunaki, min 03:00

    Statues in Sumeria, min 09:00

    Why the annunaki and Draconian interbred, encounters in OBE’s, min 10:00

    Galactic law and the way to take over, min 13:00

    The War in Heaven – Is It Real?

    Space war in history

    Terra papers, Robert Morning Sky, terraforming on a planet, min 02:30

    The Draco civilisation, min 03:30

    The shape of entities in the other planes, min 07:30

    The 12 strand dna, min 08:30

    War in Heaven 02 – Whats All The Fuss About?

    A lot of wormholes and stargates in this area of the universe

    Genetic manipulation happens a lot, min 01:30

    Enki, Anu, Ninhursag, they’re not gods, min 04:00

    The spiritual being to inhabitat these physical bodies, min 05:30

    They invented religions to control the masses, the prieskings, min 08:30

    War in Heaven 03 – RH Negative? Who’s Reptilian and Who’s Human?

    Offspring of annunaki and draconians, min 00:30

    History of genetic experimentation min 03:00

    Rh negative, min 05:00


    ….’’Er is een mogelijk verband tussen Enki-Ea en de god Ya’’…..


    ….’’In de legende van Enki en Ninhursag baarde zij hem een dochter Ninsar (‘Vrouwe groen’). Ninsar baarde Enki een dochter Ninkurra. Die baarde hem dan weer een dochter Uttu. Enki vervolgde Uttu, die kwaad was omdat hij niet om haar gaf. Op advies van haar voorouder Ninhursag begroef Uttu zaad van Enki in de aarde. Daaruit ontsproten acht moederplanten, de eerste op aarde. Toen Enki ze zag at hij van deze planten, maar hij werd ziek in acht organen van zijn lichaam. Nunhursag genas hem door de planten in haar lichaam op te nemen en acht dochters te baren: Abu, Nintulla (Nintul), Ninsutu, Ninkasi, Nazi,’’……..

    ….’’ Dazimua, Ninti, en Enshag (Enshagag).’’

    Er bestaat nog geen pagina van de godin ‘Nazi’. Zeggeze


  12. tjen says:

    Through the Door – Anne Cameron Cutri

    …’’I saw this in a vision. The Lord asked me to step into my promised land. These scriptures were given, Luke 13:24 Strive to enter through the narrow door; for many, I tell you, will try to enter and will not be able.Rev. 19:10 Worship God!For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy. Matthew 22:14 For many are called, but few are chosen.’’…..

    • Landlooper says:

      Btw, “there is always light at the end of the tunnel” – John F. Kennedy –

      • tjen says:

        Yep…… the end, there is……

      • tjen says:

        UFOTV® Presents – Beyond Planet Earth – David Icke – FREE Movie

        David Icke Superstar, NDE (min 54:00). Vermeldt heel vluchtig de ‘tunnel of light’, maar gaat daar, op zich, helaas niet dieper op in. Jammer. De docu wordt elke 10 minuten onderbroken door public mindstalking. Tja kkes.

      • tjen says:

        Waarschuwing Waarschuwing Waarschuwing Waarschuwing Waar……..?

        Tevens circuleert er een waarschuwing voor aspirant OBE-ers op het www. Satan de Grote ligt al op de loer met de netten in de aanslag. Laat geen gelegenheid onbenut vissen te strikken………

        Boodschap verstrekt door….Hardcore

        ‘it’s extrééééémely dangerous if you try to induce it yourself’ (min 08:00)

        ‘Click to Subscribe and always keep your enemy under foot’

        ‘Healing and Deliverance Meetings in Phoenix and LiveStreaming at Every Friday and Sunday @ 6:30 PM MST with Michael W. Smith and those who believe with signs following!’

        ‘Come with your burdens! Go with Jesus love & joy!’

        Check it out & have some phun.

  13. Anne Cutri says:

    Hi, this is Anne Cameron Cutri, I’m not really following the conversation, because I don’t speak your language. I found you by way of my websites…you’ve generated some interest in my painting and I thank you!

    • tjen says:

      Your work and paintings are quite impressive and very telling. It explains many things in a perfect way. For many people, undoubtedly, it will improve their comprehension on the concept of God/Yahweh. This wasn’t a moment too soon. Thx.

      Also check ‘Fishers of Men’, and Churches on Leylines/Gridpoints’.

      Fascinating stuff.

  14. tjen says:

    Ark of the Covenant

    Adam Kadmon

    Baptism By Fire

    Check it out & have some phun

  15. tjen says:

    Matthew delooze on “toward the light”

    Encounters with spirit entities

    The end, view in the afterlife, the tunnel, monks, min 0:07:00

    More research on the NDE, ‘when I was younger and now’, min 0:17:00

    Drinking ayahuasca, receiving spiritual messages, min 0:21:00

    To be dumbed down, understanding reality, min 0:24:00

    Moving from one dimension to another, min 0:28:00

    The food we take, spiritual awareness, min 0:31:00

    Near Dead Experiences & hallucinations, min 0:33:00

    To be unaware here and in the other dimension and to directed back, the programming, the matrix, min 0:37:00

    Being programmed to obey, min 0:39:00

    To break out of the matrix, being reincarnated by ingorance, min 0:41:00

    The system of control and programming, min 0:42:00

    Why we are dumbed down, min 0:57:00

    Ascent of the Blessed

    Palazza Ducale, Location/Streetview/Photos – Google Maps


    Museo/Basilica Sao Marco


    Check ‘Fishers of Men’

  16. tjen says:

    Fishers of Men

    72 Expressions
    of the Divine
    in Hebrew-Aramaic

  17. tjen says:

    Annunciation – Leonardo Da Vinci

  18. tjen says:

    UFO Contact from the Pleiades – Chapter 4 Part

    NDE, Tunnel of Light the moon, min 0:41:00

    The Moon

    Dark Mission

  19. tjen says:

    How To Become an Event Promoter

    Why cant we remember our past lives? Roswell, Lawrence R Spencer, min 09:00

    The white light, the moon, min 14:00

  20. tjen says:

    Jeroen Bosch van Aken, Moon, Sun, Firebird-chicken, pic 14

    Fenix Auis Vnica

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