The Land of Osiris

Presentation by Abd’el Hakim Awyan


by Stephen S. Mehler

  Shahrzad Awyan ( daughter ) Facebook

Egypt Experience

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8 Responses to The Land of Osiris

  1. Avia says:

    Just to let you know – your link to Shahrzad Awyan is not to her blog – it is to egyptegperience, which is my blog. Shahrzad is the late Abd’el Hakim Awyan’s daughter and is here

  2. Landlooper says:

    Thanks for pointing that out, have changed the link to Shahrzad Awyan’s facebook account. Nice blog, btw.

    • Avia says:

      ok, good 🙂
      Thanks very much – so is yours…I will spend some time going through it. I have so much more to put on mine…not enough hours in the day!!

  3. Landlooper says:

    The Catastrophe Of 12,000 Years Ago That Erased History

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