Ab Iove Principium

Quia: Omnes viae Romam Ducunt

Roman Empire Rules TodayJesuits & Black Pope


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8 Responses to Ab Iove Principium

  1. tjen says:

    Evil Locations – Vatican……

    Original Name Mons Vaticanus (City of the Dead)
    Year Founded As Cemetary pre 600 BCE, as Temple to Cybele 204 BCE
    Founders Roman Senate
    Location Function Primary Temple (Phygianum) to Magna Mater (Cybele)
    Etymology City of the Dead




    …..’’celebrate Easter among the skulls of their dead sisters’’…….

    A Romanian Orthodox priest led a service as nuns held candles and sang, while visitors looked on, (photo)

    Romanian orthodox nuns sing in the ossuary at the Pasarea monastery near Bucharest to mark Easter Sunday (photo)

    The nuns sing among the remains of the dead to mark Christ’s resurrection on Easter Sunday, which is today in the Orthodox calendar (photo)

    Nuns light candles and lay flowers to commemorate the dead and celebrate Easter (photo)

    The candles on the ground to the far right spell out ‘Christ is risen’ (photo)

    The Pasarea monastery was founded in 1813 and rebuilt in 1838 after it was destroyed by an earthquake (photo)


    …..’’worshippers in Romania visited an underground room of skulls to mark’’…….

    Manastirea Pasarea – location/streetview/photos




    ….’’The Church of the Holy Sepulchre is one of the holiest sites……’’

    ….’’The site is venerated as Golgotha’’….(wiki)

    ….’’The Bible translates the term to mean place of [the] skull’’….(wiki)

    Holy Sepulchre, 33°p – location/steetview/photos


    …..‘’Jerusalem is situated on the southern spur of a plateau in the Judean Mountains, which include the Mount of Olives (East) and Mount Scopus (North East). The elevation of the Old City is approximately 760 m (2,500 ft). It is the capital of Israel and its largest city in both population and area. Jerusalem is also regarded as one of the most sacred cities of history.
    The origin of Jerusalem, who founded it and why, including the 1st “kings” to hold the city is clouded in myth, misinformation and superstition. Ample archeological, historical evidence exists to understand the likely history of the city.
    The city of the dead
    Even within the…..’’


  2. tjen says:

    Stargate Vatican, The Axis and Templum of Rome.

    The Dark History of the Vatican


    Planetary Grid


  3. Landlooper says:

    International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State: http://itccs.org/

  4. Doris Noor says:

    All I’m able to say is wow. I’ve hardly ever checked it out like that, but I appreciate you posting it. I will carry on to be a regular reader of your weblog.

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