The 1st American Flag..

The 1st American Flag..

Apparently this was the very first American flag.

The original Stars and Stripes in the form of a comet and accompanying set of seven stars


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    • That was exactly my initial thought. But when, for instance, you have a look at the current official Saudi Arabian police badge and about a hundred more of these symbols from all over the globe.. But hey, i’m directing this to an authority on the subject, right?

      Alles Gute!

  1. You do not have to write, images are often enough. And that guy is creepy.

  2. tjen says:

    Heilige oog in Flavius Josephus/Francis Bacon schriften…………….

    The Holy Bible containing the Old Testament and the New: newly translated out of the originall tongues … Edinburgh, 1633.

    The Holy Bible containing the Old Testament and the New: newly translated out of the originall tongues ... Edinburgh, 1633.

  3. tjen says:

    Manly P. Hall, 33rd Degree, K.T., in his book, The Phoenix:

    “Among the ancients a fabulous bird called the Phoenix is described by early writers … in size and shape it resembles the eagle, but with certain differences. The body of the Phoenix is one covered with glossy purple feathers, and the plumes in its tail are alternately blue and red. The head of the bird is light in color, and about its neck is a circlet of golden plumage. At the back of its back the Phoenix has a crest of feathers of brilliant color …

    The Phoenix, it is said, lives for 500 years, and at its death its body opens and the new born Phoenix emerges. Because of this symbolism, the Phoenix is generally regarded as representing immortality and resurrection … The Phoenix is one sign of the secret orders of the ancient world and of the initiate of those orders, for it was common to refer to one who had been accepted into the temples as a man twice-born, or reborn. Wisdom confers a new life, and those who become wise are born again.”
    [p. p. 176-77]

    Charles Thomson Original Grand Seal

    …’’A rarely encountered flag dating from the Civil War period.’’…

  4. tjen says:

    Paintings – Ark of the Covenant

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