Moses with..

Moses with Hornes..

By Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni (1475 – 1564)


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  1. tjen says:

    Why is Moses depicted as having horns? (pictures no 13)

    Moses with Horns

    Rom, Piazza di Spagna, Colonna dell'Immacolata/Mariensäule), Moses und König David (Column of the Immacolata, Moses and King David)

    Mozes – Rembrandt

    Moses in the Chambers of the House of Representatives and Senate office subway.

    ‘’Moses is always shown with a pair of horns upon his head, the word Horns in Hebrew has an associate word, which is Veil.

    The Freemasons use the Veil to hide all of their mysteries.’’

  2. Ania McElroy says:

    Moses was depicted with horns because it says so in the bible ( Ex 34: 29 , 30 , 35 ) . The word “Q-R-N” in ancient Hebrew , like the one we see on DSS , has no niqquds and means ” horns” . During medieval ages Masoretes added niqquds to Hebrew language to purposely change the meaning of words , so Q-R-N was substituted with QaRaN and interpreted as ” shone” .
    Latin Vulgate has a proper translation of this verse .
    Yahweh was also described as horned deity in Num:23-22 , 24 :8 and some other passages .

  3. Avia says:

    In astronomical or astrological/zodiac terms…
    Moses is dated to approximately 1450 BCE which is in the zodiac era of Aries – the ram – ie rams’ horns

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