Hitler as..

Catholic Church Hails Hitler

Catholic Church in France hailed Hitler for crimes against Humanity

Adolf Hitler is portrayed using a sword to kill a Germanic God in a church stainedglasswindow – St Jacques Church, Montgeron, France


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7 Responses to Hitler as..

  1. tjen says:

    ‘Hitler’, with an ‘H’, or ‘8’ as in oc-ta-gonnnnn……..

    Some pictures……


  2. tjen says:

    …..and some pictures……. (1-7-11-12-17-25-26-30-42-43)


    ….and more pictures……(1-17)


    Funny ‘Eleven’…..


  3. Landlooper says:

    Clear as crystal! This ( again ) is quite clear and loud as well. Switzerland`s Nazi Templar Banks:

  4. tjen says:

    SS Nazi Heinrich Himmler performing Freemason Handshake

    ….’’The majority of the US founding fathers, the Senate, and the Presidents have been Freemasons, but those who were not usually had nothing good to say about the organization.’’……

    “I do conscientiously and sincerely believe that the Order of Freemasonry, if not the greatest, is one of the greatest moral and political evils under which the Union is now laboring … a conspiracy of the few against the equal rights of the many … Masonry ought forever to be abolished. It is wrong – essentially wrong – a seed of evil, which can never produce any good.”

    US President John Quincy Adams, “Letters on Freemasonry” 1833

    “The Masonic fraternity tramples upon our rights, defeats the administration of justice, and bids defiance to every government which it cannot control.”

    US President Millard Fillmore

    “All secret oath bound political parties are dangerous to any nation, no matter how pure or how patriotic the motives and principles which first bring them together.”

    US President Ulysses S. Grant

    “The institution of Masonry ought to be abandoned as one capable of much evil, and incapable of producing any good which might not be affected by safe and open means.” Supreme Court Chief Justice John Marshall “Masonry was a state within a state and that one day Masons would overthrow the democratic government of the United States and would crown one of their ‘grand kings’ as ruler of this nation.”

    Rev. John G. Stevens, “An Inquiry into the Nature and Tendency of Speculative Masonry”


  5. tjen says:

    Pentagram of Pope Pius XII and the Black Pope

    …’’The manipulation and use of this negative energy has always been at the heart of Black Magic.’’…


    The Last Great Inquisition


    Earth Grid – Leylines


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